“One of Britain’s most exciting unsigned bands...they are going places.”

Jonathan brick (A Country Way Of Life)


"This band are truly something special and surely destined for much bigger things, they generate such electricity and atmosphere and tonight was

an absolute pleasure to watch.”

Chris Farlie (W21 Music, Buckle & Boots 2018 review)


"Heralding euphoric choruses and electric riffs of Fleetwood Mac and The Strokes, the harmonies of icons ELO meeting The Magic Numbers somewhere along the way, and the modern female vocal of Haim, Morganway are quite the tour de force soup, but let’s be frank here: this Norfolk outfit doesn’t sound like anyone else."

- Never Enough Notes


"This is music in its purest intent. Their songs are different and complementary. They reflect feelings, human soul interrogations and perpetual questioning -

we are talking TRUE artistry here."

- RockChickenz


"Euphoric and melodic flavoured country from the wilds of England "

- Invicta Mag