Morganway are a six-piece from East Anglia founded by twin brothers Callum (vocals, guitar, bass) and Kieran Morgan (lead guitar, backing vocals). Throughout their early years the boys played in various bands but struggled to find a box to fit into. Too rock for folk, too pop for indie, too indie for country, or so it seemed. Choosing to follow their instincts rather than convention, they became Morganway and suddenly people started listening.


Joined by SJ Mortimer (vocals), Nicole Terry (fiddle), Matt Brocklehurst (keys) and Ed Bullinger (drums), the band has developed a sound built on a love for multi-layered vocal harmonies, driven guitar riffs and distinctive fiddle flourishes, bound by raw, honest songwriting. They've built this into a live show that in one moment is classic rock and the next mystical folk, catching the attention of Whispering Bob Harris and many others in the rising British Americana scene. Their collective obsession with ‘70s West Coast rock is also met with a love of Brit Rock, folk and modern Americana.


“ of the best and most exciting prospects to emerge in a long time.”

Maverick Magazine

"...a powerful creative force, with an inventiveness and vitality that is a sheer joy to behold."


"Euphoric and melodic flavoured country from the wilds of England."

- Invicta Mag

          ‘I haven’t heard folk-rock delivered as well as this since the golden heyday of Fairport, Trees, Eclection and Fotheringay... they leave latter-day Fleetwood Mac in the dust.’

Just Listen To This